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March 16, 2020, is the federal tax (Form 1120-S and 1065) filing deadline for S Corporations and partnerships.

Businesses can file Federal extension Form 7004 at just $14.95 to extend the deadline for up to 6 months.
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Massachusetts State Business Tax Extension

Businesses must report their income and expenses for the tax year to the state of Massachusetts.

If the businesses need more time to prepare and file state business income tax returns, they can extend the deadline for up to 6 months.

Massachusetts Requires Businesses to file tax extension Form 355-7004 to get a tax extension if the business owes the state tax or was not approved for a federal extension Form 7004.

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Massachusetts State Form 1099/W2 Tax Filings

1099 Massachusetts Tax Returns

Eventhough Massachussetts participates in the CF/SF program you are still required to file Form 1099 with the state. However, in order to make Massachusetts 1099 state filing an easy process for you we support and provide all of the required forms, except for transmital Form 1096.

Note: You are only required to file Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, and all forms in the 1099 series if there are state tax witholdings.

W-2 Massachusetts Tax Returns

Even if there are no state taxes witheld you are required to file Form W-2 with Massachussets. E-filing Massachusetts W-2 tax forms is easy with our help, because we support and provide Annual Reconciliation Form M-3.

Also, we support the type of web upload Massachusetts requires to allows you to conveninetly handle all of your Massachusetts state filing needs in one program.

Massachusetts State E-Filing Tax Deadlines

Form 1099

2018 Massachusetts Form 1099

In the state of Massachusetts Form 1099-MISC (NEC only) is due by January 31, 2020. Forms 1099-MISC, INT, DIV, R, S & B are due by January 31, 2020.

Form W-2

2018 Massachusetts Form W-2

For the state of Massachusetts, the Form W-2 deadline is January 31, 2020.

Why E-Filing is Best?

When e-filing taxes for the state of Massachusetts you will be able to accurately complete your forms from any location & any time. E-filing reduces your filing errors & paper works. This will help you correctly complete your form by the deadline! Plus, your forms will be stored online in one convenient location for your records. Best of all, once the IRS receives your form you'll instantly be notified if it has been rejected or accepted via email.

Massachusetts State Filing Requirments

Form 1099

In the state of Massachusetts, in order to complete Form 1099 you need to provide the following information:

  • Payer Details: Name, EIN, and Address
  • Recipient Details: Name, Employer Identification Namer (EIN)/Social Security Number (SSN), and Address
  • Federal Details: Miscellaneous Incomes and Federal Taxes Withheld
  • Massachusetts Filing Details: State Income, Payer State Number, and State Taxes Withheld

Form W-2

In order to complete Form W-2 for Massachusetts you need to provide the following information:

  • Employer Details: Name, EIN Number, Employer Code, Employer Type, and Address
  • Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information
  • Federal Details: Federal Income and Federal Taxes Withheld
  • State Filing Details: State Income and State Taxes Withheld

Why MassachusettsTaxFilings.Info is Best?

MassachusettsTaxFilings.Info was created with you in mind to provide you with all of the tools and information you need to e-file Form W-2 and 1099. Our easy to follow interview-style process will guide you through the entire filing process to help you quickly complete your forms and transmit them directly to the IRS. Plus, our innovative features help make the process incredibly convenient. For example, the bulk upload feature will allow you to upload all of your information at once and you can use the postal mailing feature to have us mail hard copies of your forms to each of your recipients.

Steps to E-File Your Massachusetts Tax Returns

Form 1099

Filing Form 1099s for the state of Massachusetts is easy. Just refer to the following steps!

  • Step 1: Create your free account. You will use your email address and create a personal password. Then select create 'Create New 1099 Form.'
  • Step 2: Enter all of the payer information, including the Name, EIN, and Address.
  • Step 3: Enter all of the recipient information, including their Name, SSN/EIN, and Address.
  • Step 4: Enter federal information for all Income and Taxes Withheld.
  • Step 5: Enter state information for Massachusetts, including State Taxes Withheld.
  • Step 6: Review the information on your form, pay for it, and transmit it directly to the IRS.

Form W-2

You can file W2 Online for the state of Massachusetts in just a few simple steps!

  • Step 1: Create your free account by using your email address and creating your personal password. Then click W-2 in the 'Start New Form' box.
  • Step 2: Enter your employer information, including the Name, EIN, Address, Contact Information, Payer Type, and Employer Type.
  • Step 3: Enter your employee information, such as their Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information.
  • Step 4: Complete boxes 1 - 14 and enter Compensations and Tax Withholdings for your employees.
  • Step 5: Enter your employee's state information for Massachusetts, including State Tax Withholdings.
  • Step 6: Review your forms. pay for them, and transmit them directly to the SSA.

Massachusetts Paystub Generator

Generate Paystubs for employees and contractors in Massachusetts. Just enter the basic information, our Massachusetts paystub generator will automatically calculate the taxes accurately.

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